MINI John Cooper Works now in showrooms

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MINI John Cooper Works

The MINI John Cooper Works can now be seen in a MINI showrooms. AUSmotive has already tested the JCW and if you missed our Drive Thru review, make sure you have a read. In the meantime, there’s some press blurb below. I reckon this quote from Justin Hocevar, National Manager, MINI hits on a great selling feature, “The MINI John Cooper Works … powered by the very same engine that is used in the MINI CHALLENGE race series.”

The New MINI John Cooper Works

Two new race-bred MINI models are now available in Australia.

Both will be sold under the MINI John Cooper Works brand, by the MINI Garage network of dealers.

The two models are the MINI John Cooper Works (a hardtop, three door model) and the MINI John Cooper Works Clubman. Both are identical from a mechanical perspective; offer the same wide range of colour, trim and accessory options. A specific range of optional John Cooper works accessories, for inside and out, are available to further personalise these models.

The two models are regular factory production models, built at Plant Oxford in the UK alongside regular MINI Cooper models.

The MINI John Cooper Works brand offers the highest level of dynamic performance of all MINI models. It is the performance pinnacle of the MINI brand and is based on almost 50 years of competition history that spans the globe and includes victory in many of the most prestigious events on road and track.

The MINI John Cooper Works engine package is identical to that powering the 2008 MINI CHALLENGE race cars: 155 kW twin-scroll turbocharged direct petrol injection 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine developing a maximum of 260 Nm of torque (280 Nm of torque available during Overboost).

The engine was specifically developed for racing from the MINI Cooper S unit, and gains new pistons, valves, turbochargers, intake and exhaust system while at the same time complying with the yet to be introduced EU5 emission standard.

Brakes, gearbox, suspension and exhaust are all modified. New lightweight 17-inch alloy wheels and a recalibrated Dynamic Stability Control unit are fitted, while a unique new Electronic Differential Lock Control is activated when the DSC is turned off.

Inside the MINI John Cooper Works models there is a leather wrapped three-spoke sports steering wheel, the roof lining has an Anthracite finish while the interior surfaces are glossy Piano Black.

A neat and sporty finishing touch is the new 260 km/h John Cooper Works speedo. This aptly recalls the 120 mph speedo of the Classic MINI Cooper S.

Among the myriad of options and accessories are navigation systems with optional TV and voice control as well as a special interface for complete integration of an Apple iPod.

MINI John Cooper Works

“The arrival of the MINI John Cooper Works brand and two model variants in Australia is very exciting for MINI,” said Justin Hocevar, National Manager, MINI.

“We are still a young brand but we have made a tremendous impact in Australia to date with more than 12,200 cars sold. The MINI brand is highly regarded for its authentic product substance that remains true to the legendary Classic MINI and yet pushes boundaries in technical, design and customer feature terms.

“The MINI John Cooper Works brand continues to reinforce MINI’s authenticity, providing enthusiastic sports drivers with the very fastest road going models available, powered by the very same engine that is used in the MINI CHALLENGE race series.

“MINI CHALLENGE is highly regarded around the world as a very competitive, highly entertaining series where drivers compete in identical cars differentiated only by their driving skills and courage.

“It is very unusual for a car maker to be able to offer customers not only a genuinely race-bred engine for its road cars, but the identical engine that is used in a race series.

“This underlines the detail engineering that has been put into the MINI John Cooper Works engines, that they have the durability to last a life time not just one race meeting.

“This again is true to the MINI legend,” Justin said.

The MINI John Cooper Works is priced from $48,800 and the MINI John Cooper Works Clubman is priced from $51,300, plus dealer delivery and statutory charges.

MINI John Cooper Works models will be available in MINI Garages around Australia from the start of September 2008.