Alfa Romeo 149 shows its face

Alfa Romeo 149

AutoExpress has published two images of Alfa Romeo’s upcoming 149, the replacement to the 147 model. Featuring strong styling cues from the MiTo and 8C Competizione the little Alfa has, again, sucked in plenty of admirers. Personally, I will reserve my judgement as, like the 8C, while there is definitely plenty to like about the styling, I’m not so sure the front end is as successful as it could be. One thing is certain, the Golf-sized hatch will stand out from its rivals, and that is often half the battle when trying to win customers from other brands.

Power will come from usual petrol and diesel variations, with entry level models expected to have around 90kW (120bhp) up to 186kW (250bhp) for the range topping hot hatch. The higher powered 149s are also expected to have an electronic Q2 diff to try and reign in all that power on a front wheel drive chassis. The 149 will be available for European sales in mid 2009.

Source: AutoExpress