BMW’s new Z4 masterpiece

I’ve thought of some pretty cool things to do in a car, but rear-wheel drive finger painting is not one of them. Lucky, then, that BMW has done just that and shown how much fun it would be with this quick clip revealing the new Z4, now with folding metal roof.

Chris Bangle‘s use of convex and concave shapes and overt angles have often been a bit of a hit and miss affair. The E65 7 Series, perhaps, being the most criticised example of Bangle’s mayhem. His artitstry, however, was rarely questioned with the original Z4. The new model follows a definite evolution from its predecessor, and that’s a wise move from BMW.

There is a second clip below which includes commentary from BMW designers Adrian Van Hooydonk and Anders Warming. Still pictures to be added soon.

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I liked everything about the old one but the front end, they fix that up and a nice roof and butcher the rear that looks like its off a peugeot ๐Ÿ™

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