Nissan GT-R hit by falling Aussie dollar

Nissan GT-R

According to a report on the GoAuto website new buyers of the Nissan GT-R will be stung for a price rise if they don’t already hold an order. While nothing official has been released, it seems as though the falling Australian dollar is behind Nissan’s economic revision. The increase will take effect before the GT-R’s Australian launch in April.

Original pricing from Nissan Australia was released in October last year, and at that point, the pricing was set at $148,800 for the entry level GT-R, while the Premium model would be an extra $4000. Now, though, those prices are expected to be just over AU$150K and AU$154K respectively.

Nissan Australia spokesman Ross Booth claims they have 140 orders for the GT-R on their books, and despite the economic downturn, none have been cancelled. Existing orders will not be affected by the price rise.

In relative terms this rise is very minor and one can’t imagine it would deter any prospective purchasers. Certainly wouldn’t stop me, that’s for sure!

Source: GoAuto