1970s Ford GT stash uncovered in South Africa

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Ford Fairmont GT stash in South Africa

Many readers will have great memories of the Australian muscle car era. The best years were the 1970s and one of the best examples of the age is the XW/XY Ford Falcon GT. Not as many of you will remember that during that era a whole bunch of Falcon GT parts were exported to South Africa where they were assembled into Fairmont GTs. Recently (or perhaps not), a large haul of Fairmont GTs was unearthed making Ford enthusiasts across the country go weak at the knees.

There were a few cosmetic difference between the Fairmont and Ford GT models, but essentially they are the same car. Indeed, in the areas that matter, these were fair dinkum Falcon GTs.

There appear to be scant facts around about the way this collection was built, but interweb rumour suggests the cars were purchased individually in South Africa with the sole intention of exporting them back “home”. The idea being, of course, that the home grown collecter market would gobble these GTs up at some profit to the importer.

Ford Fairmont GT stash in South Africa

The further one digs, the murkier the water becomes. One story goes that a bloke by the name of Tom Druce was seeking the cars in South Africa under the pretence that they would be restored and placed in a museum. The reality (or the internet forum reality, at least) shows that the cars were brought back to Australia and sold for a tidy profit.

Another rumour suggests that 10 Fairmont GTs were bought for the small sum of AU$15,000 each. While it is the GTHO Phase III that creates the headlines as far as auction prices go ($750,000 is the record),  the more humble GTs of the same era have been known to sell for over $200,000. You don’t have to be Einstein to calculate probable profits here, even if the cars were in an unrestored state.

You will also notice what looks to be a Holden HT Monaro. These too were sold in South Africa and badged as a Chevrolet SS.

Whatever the real story is with this collection of cars, one thing is certain, there are a lot of fans out there who would love to get their hands these cars and restore them to showroom condition.

There are a lot of holes in this article and if you can shed some further light as to the facts of the matter, I’d love to hear from you.

Source: Dirt Bike World forum & aussiexport.com (Thanks to Jono for sending this in.)

Ford Fairmont GT stash in South Africa

Ford Fairmont GT stash in South Africa