Barichello gets ready for 2009 F1 season

Rubens Barichello

In surprising news, Rubens Barichello is set to keep his seat with the team-formerly-known-as-Honda and is planning to line up on the grid for the 2009 Formula One season. Bruno Senna, nephew of triple world champ Ayrton, was tipped to replace Barichello and isn’t taking this latest news too well. At least, that’s what the Telegraph in the UK reckons.

Uncertainty has surrounded the ex-Honda factory team since news of its demise broke in December. Now, it looks as though the team is set to be taken over by team management in Ross Brawn and Nick Fry. Apparently, Honda just needs to rubber stamp the buyout and F1’s newest team will be confirmed.

The Brawn-Fry team will use Mercedes-Benz customer engines and, with just a few weeks to go until the season opener in Melbourne, they are understandably quite keen to undertake some testing. It is believed they could take to the track as soon as this Friday with some track time at Silverstone.