All-wheel drive über GTI gets sign off

Uber Golf GTI believed to source engine from Audi TS

News reports today suggest a TTS powered über Golf GTI, with all-wheel drive, has been signed off by Volkswagen HQ. In further confirmation of progress on this highly anticipated model it has been revealed that the new range topping GTI will not sport R20 badging, as previously suggested.

Speaking to, Dirk Hussman, Golf line marketing executive, said “We have debated R20 (badging). But we are agreed it doesn’t shape up against the R32 badge it will replace.”

I guess that means we have to run with GTI-R label once again, as believed to be the case when news of the über GTI first surfaced last August.

Audi’s TTS has a 200kW turbocharged 2-litre TFSI engine and while one may expect that Volkswagen would tune down the engine in deference to Audi’s position higher up the food chain, hope has been given to Volkswagen loyalists with Hussman suggesting the car may have “between 260–280hp” (195–210kW).

In further news, Dirk Hussman said an uprated Edition 35 front-wheel drive GTI would be released in 2011 to mark the 35th anniversary of the Golf performance icon. However, seeing as Australia didn’t see either the 25th Anniversary GTI, or the Edition 30, we can probably shelve any thoughts of that model coming down under.

[Source: | Thanks to Wayne for the tip.]