TimesOnline drives the new Golf GTI

2009 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Gavin Conway from TimesOnline got an early gig in Volkswagen’s new Scirocco last year, and now, rubbing further salt into our collective wounds, he has been given the keys to the new Golf GTI.

The car was launched last week and after his first drive he rated Volkswagen’s hot-hatch with five stars and had the following to say:

“…one of the most noticeable changes is in the torque response, with the maximum 206 lb ft available over a wider rev range. So from anywhere above 1700rpm your right foot can order up a meaningful wedge of performance. VW claims the GTI will hit 62mph in 6.9sec, but frankly it feels even quicker.

“In sport mode, the suspension firms up noticeably, and the steering becomes heavier too, but in a way that doesn’t feel unnatural as some systems do. Add the paddleshift gearbox, which swaps cogs with blinding speed, and you really do have the makings of a proper successor to the previous GTI. This car is genuinely fun to drive.”

You can be assured that AUSmotive will have a review of the new GTI online as soon as possible. Let’s hope this happens before the year is out. Until then, Australian readers will just have to make do with pretty pictures.

[Source: TimesOnline]