Nissan GT-R – The budget supercar, or is it?

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Nissan GT-R

The widely acclaimed Nissan GT-R is acknowledged as a genuine supercar. For a fraction of the cost, it has humbled the best Porsche can offer. However, a US website has revealed the GT-R may not actually be as cheap as first thought.

Edmunds Inside Line took their long-term loan GT-R in for a routine service the other day. Okay, it was a major service according to the factory schedule, but the final bill came in at over US$2000 (approx AU$2900). Looks like it’s hard work keeping up with the Porsches. Especially hard on the differential and transaxle, which needed new fluids. Made from liquid gold it seems! Check the link below for the full itemised account.

I guess the Australian customers about to take delivery will not mind spending such amounts after forking out AU$150,000 for the car in the first place. All the same, such high service bills will make for a varied experience at your local Nissan dealer, alongside true budget motoring, such as the Micra et al.

[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]