No Scirocco love for the United States

Volkswagen Scirocco

News has been confirmed that Volkswagen US will not be importing the gorgeous Scirocco.

What affect, if any, this has on Volkswagen Australia’s plans and hopes to bring the coupé down under remains to be seen. Like the US, it is currently believed the Scirocco doesn’t make business sense for VW as it would most likely take sales away from Golf hero, the GTI.

Whatever the beancounters say, I know one thing, a fan base exists in both countries that would ensure Sciroccos would sell. Maybe not in record numbers, but if Renault can bring in a limited release of 40 Clio Renault Sport F1 Team R27s, then could Volkswagen Australia consider doing likewise?

While the Scirocco was launched in between the Golf V and Golf VI models, the car stands on it own and has the benefit of not being affected by new model syndrome. A mild curse which affected the limited release of 200 MkIV Golf R32s, which were on sale just months before the launch of the Golf V.

Australian readers will have to hang their hats on hope at this stage. Volkswagen Australia have not categorically ruled out the Scirocco, but things don’t look too promising, it has to be said. The best chance seems  to the opportunity to bring in the Scirocco R20T (based on the Studie R), which could be revealed to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

[Source: autoblog]