Volkswagen to Porsche: Anything you can do…

Porsche & Volkswagen logosThe Porsche-Volkswagen tale appears to have a few twists in the offing. In January, Porsche became the majority shareholder of Volkswagen. Although, there is still the Lower-Saxony ruling, preventing outright control of Volkswagen by another party, to be overcome.

And now, well, things are seeming to spice up somewhat. How much of the latest developments are speculation, fact or even outright fantasy is open to debate, but you can be sure that all bases have been covered.

But, is Volkswagen really considering a takeover bid all of its own?

That is the conclusion drawn by a report in today’s Sydney Morning Herald which claims Volkswagen itself wants to buy Porsche.

Then, a story on CarAdvice runs a quote from Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn that everything is hunky dory and he can’t wait to get into bed with the Stuttgart massive.

Adding further intrigue to that last point is a story on autoblog reporting on a rumour that Porsche and Volkswagen will be playing CEO swapsies, with Winterkorn moving south and Wendelin Wiedeking moving north to Wolfsburg.

Whatever the outcome, let’s hope this ends up a long and successful relationship that produces worthwhile offspring. Think Henry Fonda followed by Jane, Peter and Bridget; not Britney Spears and Kevin Federline and whatever is to become of Sean and Jayden.

[Thanks to Michael for the tip.]