Scirocco R20T hits the road

Volkswagen Scirocco R20T

Volkswagen are playing sneaky by testing the Scirocco R20T at the Nürburgring so close to the upcoming 24 hour race (21-24 May). They want us to think this car is part of the race program. However, with the power of the internet on our side we won’t be fooled by this quasi racecar look. The lack of roll cage and tweaked body kit indicate that this is likely to be a test mule for the über road going Scirocco.

Other giveaways include the larger rear hatch spoiler, tweaked lower rear bumper, featuring a new twin exhaust setup, and the racecar like front air dam. Would be nice if those wheels from the race team made it tofinal production too.

Of course, this also means the drivetrain for the über GTI is getting a run, seeing as it is highly likely both cars will be pretty close to identical under the skin.

Depending on who you believe power should be around the 200-220kW region and full public debuts are expected in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

[Source: WorldCarFans]