Volkswagen set to release Scirocco R at Wörthersee

Volkswagen Scirocco R

Breaking news courtesy of iMotor with information on a 265bhp/350Nm powered Scirocco R model. The hot ‘Roc will be revealed this weekend at the Wörthersee show Nürburgring 24 hour race.

The good news, as noted, is the addition of the Audi S3 engine to the sexy Scirocco. That means, bigger turbo, strengthened internals and high-pressure injectors, enough to boost power from the 2.0T four cylinder to around 200kW. The not so good news is that all that power will be driven through the front wheels only, with grip reliant on Volkswagen’s new XDS electronic diff, as seen in the Golf GTI. Six-speed manual and DSG transmissions will be available. The reworked body kit adds the required level of aggression, too.

Availability in Australia is uncertain at this stage, but let’s hope this is the model Volkswagen Australia needs to set the car apart from the GTI.

More detail and images on the Scirocco R will be added as it comes to hand.

[Source: iMotor]

UPDATE: Full details now available here.