Audi TT RS road tests

Audi TT RS

Audi’s angry sounding TT RS has been prowling European roads for a few weeks now. So, what do the world’s press have to say about the 250kW in-line five cylinder turbo?

Paul Horrell from Top Gear says, “It’s a right little terrier for corners. Just chuck it in and the 4WD sorts things out. OK, so there’s not the delicacy of a Cayman S…”

John Simister from The Independent reckons, “The TT RS, sad to say, seems a backward step in Audi’s development of dynamics, a return to the dull days of speed without thrill or engagement. A Volkswagen Golf GTI, with similar underpinnings, less power and front-wheel drive only, is much more fun. So, crucially, is a Porsche Cayman S.”

While Michael Taylor from Australian website said “For all of its chassis surety, it always feels like the engine is the star of the show. There’s no turbo lag beyond about 1100rpm and in a straight line, it’s quicker than the Porsche Cayman S (its most obvious rival), BMW’s new Z4 and the new Lotus Evora—and not just to 100km/h, either. The TT-RS will sprint through the 200km/h barrier in 15.9 seconds.”

Okay, so we’re clear that the TT RS has some stiff opposition against the Porsche Cayman S. However, while the three previous scribes all favour the Stuttgart sportscar, television presenter Jason Plato, from Fifth Gear, thinks otherwise.

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I think it will be crap. Not crap crap, just relative to a Cayman S. Believe me, the Cayman S is the most communicative sports car you can ever own!

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