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Peak Performance – It’s no Climb Dance, but it’s still pretty good

Peak Performance - Marcus Gornholm

Back in 1990 Jean Louis Mourey gave the motoring and cinema world Climb Dance. A five minute epic, if there can be such a thing, capturing Ari Vatanen‘s mad scramble up the famous Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

Fast forward 19 years and here is the latest short film centred around the Pikes Peak event. This time Marcus Grönholm is featured. The two-time world rally champion is at the wheel of an 800hp Ford Fiesta.

Boil the kettle, make yourself a cuppa, click the jump and enjoy.

[Thanks to Mark & John for the tip.]

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Video was done by TGAus producer Tim Vincent… I read it on Steve Pizzati’s twitter like Mark 😛

Toddles you presumptuous little Colnago fan boi…ooh which one do you ride Stevie….


Nice video but very ordinary soundtrack. The goon who mixed / edited the soundtrack got the balance wrong IMHO. The soundtrack sounds like someone choking their chihuahua at maximum volume. There are obvious bits where there are added sound effects that bear no resemblance to what is happening with the car. There are other bits where the soundtrack is either out of sync or completely faked.

BTW since when have navigators been derigeur at Pikes peak? I haven’t looked at the event in detail for a couple of years, but back in 2006 when there was a potential opportunity to do the event I know that navigators were not common?



When is Ford adding the rear wing to the Focus options list?

I need it for Stanmore Maccas.

I thought the video was great but to me it just seemed all a little slow? I just thought an 800HP Fiesta would have looked faster than that.

At least Ari Vatanen’s PEugeot didn’t have that annoying wastegate sound 🙂

“I always wanted to compete at Pikes Peak,” he sad. “Having been here over the last week I have to admit that it is one of the most challenging events I have ever done in my career. This is one of those events that you will want to tell people that you came and competed in.

“I had heard about Pikes Peak and seen the famous film shot on the mountain with Ari Vatanen 20 years ago, but only when you come here do you realise how much of a challenge it is.

“The handling of the Fiesta is absolutely fantastic, and the BF Goodrich tires were great. Unfortunately we had a few small problems on the run today. I lost some power during the last few kilometres, but I was determined to finish. The Fiesta has huge potential, and could beat the 10-minute record. If I come back I know what we need to do to be fastest.”

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