Project Anniversario brings Audi Quattro into 21st century

Audi Project Anniversario

According to CAR magazine you’re looking at the Audi Project Anniversario. A new model based on the S5 that breathes new life into the car that put Audi on the modern performance map—the iconic Ur Quattro.

The Anniversario, as the name suggests, was due for release this year, Audi’s centenary. However the GFC put the kybosh on those plans and the latest speculation suggests a launch in 2012.

It is believed the Project Anniversario will tip the scales at a relatively light (these days) 1400kg, and with a twin-turbo V6 producing a tidy 425bhp (315kW) der neue Quattro is sure to move quite rapidly.

According to reports the project has internal sign off from product planners and is now being given the once over by the bean counters to see if the numbers add up.

The artist’s impression above is not the prettiest on the eye. But, then, neither was the original Quattro. If Audi does make this model it would certainly be a very bold move. The lads at quattro GmbH have one hell of a reputation to protect.

[Source: CAR | Thanks to Costa for the tip]

9 replies on “Project Anniversario brings Audi Quattro into 21st century”

Wow, that is absolutely beautiful, please build it Audi. It has the beaty of the past(classic muscle car) and present(modern day technology) integrated into one beautiful package!

Build it this way Audi, this looks cool, don´t go away from this mean look too much!

and put the 2.5 liter turbo l5 in there, this ist he only engine to fit this car, no V6!!!
History wise and soundwise, the l5 sounds so mean! that is what that car needs!!!

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