VW ready to scrap Cayenne and Panamera?

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Porsche Cayenne Turbo

According to tinternet reports Volkswagen could scrap the Porsche Cayenne model line at the end of its model cycle. More noteworthy, however, is the suggestion that the recently launched four-door Panamera could also meet the same fate. That would mean around seven more years of big Porsche luxo-barges roaming the streets.

Apparently Volkswagen reckon there are plenty of other companies catering to these market segments and Porsche should just leave well enough alone. Quite what the demise of the platform sharing Cayenne might mean for Volkswagen’s own Touareg model is unclear.

It is understood that VW chairman Ferdinand Piech was always against taking Porsche into unchartered waters and now that Volkswagen has more of a say and, bitter boardroom rival Wendelin Wiedeking is no longer in the frame, Piech is keen to take Porsche back into sportscar only mode.

Also of note are suggestions that Porsche will create a successor to the mighty Carrera GT and, once again, share a sportscar line with Volkswagen.

[Source: AutoObserver]