New Golf GTI launched in New Zealand

Volkswagen NZ - Golf GTI website

Volkswagen New Zealand has recently launched a Golf GTI section on their website. Surely, Australia can’t be that far away now! After all, new model GTIs have been in the country for at least a month.

Although, to be fair, it’s probably not worth expecting the New Zealand and Australian model roll outs for Volkswagen to follow any sort of sequence, especially as Kiwis get the lovely Scirocco coupé and Australia doesn’t.

A quick glance of the Volkswagen NZ Golf spec sheet (130kb PDF) shows that Kiwi-bound GTIs are only available in five doors and all fitted with the six speed DSG transmission. No Golfs over the pond are available with a manual box.

Other tidbits of note are the prices. Entry level pricing for the GTI is over NZ$57,000 (AU$46,000) and the 18″ Detroit style alloy wheels featured in most of Volkswagen’s press shots are a NZ$2000 (AU$1620) option. Previously in Australia those wheels have only been available over the parts counter for a not so attractive AU$4500.

Until we hear otherwise, the best guess for a local GTI release is October/November. Hopefully the former of those two options.

[Thanks to Luke for the tip]