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MINI JCW World Championship 50

Do you promise not to tell? I’ve heard from a couple of off-the-record sources now that Australia is in line to secure a very limited number of MINI John Cooper Works World Championship 50 models. If the speculation is valid we should see, at a minimum, 5 examples in Australia. Originally the worldwide production run for this car was expected to be as few as 250 models. However, don’t act all surprised if production gets bumped up to 500. If that is the case, then we could see as many as 10 JCW WC50s looking for homes down under. That’s the good news…

The bad news is these won’t be cheap. If you’re keen, I reckon you’ll need to start your bidding at $65,000. I’d also suggest you make sure you have a bit of cash in reserve, just in case. That’s a lot of money for not a lot more than a regular MINI JCW. But, as the WC50 will have such a limited worldwide production run that should keep desirability high.

It will be interesting to see what the local interest is like for the World Championship 50. If MINI Australia is bombarded with bona fide registrations of interest they might have a job on their hands satisfying those wanting to sign on the dotted line. What do yo reckon, would you be prepared to pay north of 65 grand for one of these MINI Challenge racers for the road?

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