Scirocco – R for reviews

Volkswagen Scirocco R

English motor mags Autocar and Car have filed their initial drive reports on Volkswagen’s 195kW Scirocco R. With all that power going to the front wheels only, will the feisty ‘Roc be a blithering mess or a competent B-road balltearer?

Autocar: “Keeping the Scirocco R front-drive has kept weight in check, and there’s no denying that power figure, so this is a car that feels entirely at home in the company of mega-hatches like the Focus and the old Megane R26.”

Car: “VW seems to be enjoying a strong run of sporting excellence at the moment, after losing the plot in the 1990s. The Scirocco R is another reminder they can build cracking sports cars at democratic prices. Bravo.”

While it seems unlikely that we will see the Scirocco in Australia in the short term, there are enough whisperings around to ensure all hope is not lost. Indeed, a sole Scirocco model lineup consisting of the R only may be Australia’s best option. If you’re keen on seeing this car in your local Volkswagen showroom then the best I can suggest is to contact VW and ask them “Where the bloody hell is my Scirocco?!”.