Ferrari 458 Italia gets motoring hacks moist

Ferrari 458 Italia

European motoring hacks have started filing reports on the stunning Ferrari 458 Italia, which is great news for them, and frustrating for those of us never likely to drive one. So instead of looking at more pics, or listening to what some F1 has been says about the 458, let’s grab a few choice quotes from the scribes behind the wheel.

Chris Chilton from Car: “Definitely an everyday supercar in the mould of the Audi R8. The ride comfort is excellent, visibility good, noise levels low, build quality leagues above the F430’s and that dual-clutch gearbox means the 458 is just as happy trickling through traffic as blasting around Fiorano.”

Aaron Robinson from Car and Driver: “Turns out, driving the 458 quickly is practically effortless, like strapping on parabolic skis or doing square roots with a calculator … the grip is tenacious, the turn-in to a corner so fierce and direct that you’ll swear it has a rudder tilling the asphalt.”

Chris Harris from evo: “Performance: Fast! Really, really fast. It doesn’t tend to just build, it just goes from about 1500rpm up to about nine. Transmission: Well, I think it’s a little bit of a triumph actually. I was worried it was going to be anodyne, it was gonna be a bit removed, a bit clinical—because it’s obviously a double clutch gearbox—but it’s not.”

For added marks evo have been kind enough to allow video embedding of Harris’ first thoughts from the road and track. So, what are you waiting for, take the jump…

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