The car in front is a Volkswagen

Volkswagen Golf VI

News reports from around the globe are telling us Volkswagen has taken over from Toyota as the largest vehicle manufacturer in the world based on production. However, this title probably won’t rest with Volkswagen for too long.

For now, Volkswagen fanbois (like myself) can have their hearts warmed with the Number One tag, but don’t boast too much chaps as the unofficial ranking comes off the back of Toyota production cuts, more than anything else. Although, Volkswagen are to be acknowledged for making great inroads into the Chinese market.

According to an IHS Global report Volkswagen’s autobots have spat out 4.4 million vehicles to date in 2009, with Toyota behind at 4 million. Although, according to CarAdvice that figure is being disputed by Toyota who reckon they’ve actually made 4.9 million cars so far this year.

If this turns into a bit of a schoolyard punch up, I’d much rather the Porsche v Nissan stoush, even though that was starting to get a bit tired.

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