What does this Button do?

Jenson Button

Jenson Button, 2009 Formula One World Champion, is trying to work who he wants to do his Sunday driving with in 2010. Under usual circumstances you’d reckon you might stick with the guys at BrawnGP, who pretty much served a drivers title to you on a silver platter, in part due to a very, very well prepared car.

But, this is F1 and so is anything but normal. Rumours were sent into overdrive on Friday when Button toured McLaren’s factory at Woking in Surrey. McLaren’s F1 boss, Martin Whitmarsh, played tour guide, adding further spice.

Like a lot of other BrawnGP employees Button signed over his services in 2009 for bugger all money (well, bugger all for F1, anyway). Now, as the reigning champ, he reckons he should get a bit more. Trouble is, it seems BrawnGP think he is asking for a lot more.

Unsurprisingly Button’s manager, Richard Goddard, reckons his client’s claims are fair and reasonable, “As I’ve said many times before, Jenson wants to drive a car which is capable of winning the next world championship.

“We’ve been talking about possible terms for 2010 with Brawn for months and we’re not being difficult or unreasonably expensive in our demands for Jenson. In fact we’ve given up quite a lot of negotiating ground in our discussions with them.”

However, more recent news suggests that maybe McLaren weren’t as forthcoming as first thought, as Goddard has since gone into arse covering mode, “Jenson has the utmost respect for boss Ross Brawn and the team.

“Talks have certainly not broken down. He has been incredibly loyal to the team for many years which is why the decision is so hard.”

Hmm, contract negotiations through the media. Don’t you just love it!

[Source: guardian.co.uk | World Car Fans | Pic: BrawnGP]