Jay Leno gives McLaren MP4-12C thumbs up

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Jay Leno in the McLaren MP4-12C

Top Gear fans will recall Jay Leno was in Britain earlier this year waxing lyrical with Jeremy Clarkson. It seems while he was at the Top Gear test track he also got some time inside a McLaren MP4-12C. As one might expect, this encouraged Leno to wax lyrical some more. This time about the new McLaren supercar, as his article for The Times reveals, “Being in the McLaren made me feel like, if Colin Chapman, the Lotus founder, were still alive, I was in a car he would have made.”

He continues, “It felt extremely nimble, precise and accurate. All the things a Lotus is famous for but in a package that is uniquely McLaren. I love the fact it has fought tooth and nail to get every ounce of weight out of this car and under 3,000lb (1.3 tons). It’s a revelation in this day and age.”

Take the jump now to see video of Jay’s joyride.

[Source: TimesOnline]