Fifth Gear looks set for 2010 comeback

Fifth Gear set for 2010 comeback

According to former Fifth Gear presenter Jonny Smith, it looks like the other British TV show will be making a comeback in 2010. Smith posted the above tweet on Christmas morning (Australian time) and it makes quite a clear statement indicating Fifth Gear will be back.

News emerged in October that Fifth Gear would be cancelled, and the rumour was soon confirmed by Channel Five execs. If the show does return it will be interesting to see if there have been any format changes, or, more importantly, staff changes. Lose Tim Shaw and you have yourself a pretty handy lineup, really.

While it it may be true that Top Gear warms the hearts of more car fans across the globe, I believe Fifth Gear does have a place. If you agree, don’t forget you can get your fix by watching Fifth Gear Web TV.