VIDEO: “Man has flown a car”

Travis Pastrana sets new world record car jump - 269 feet

US motorsport ace Travis Pastrana has kicked off 2010 with a massive, massive jump in his Subaru rally car. The official distance measured was 269 feet (82 metres), which is a new world record for a car jump. The previous best was a comparatively piddly 171 feet (52 metres) held by Ken Block.

Pastrana’s stunt was part of the Red Bull No Limits new years eve celebrations at Rainbow Harbour in Long Beach, California. As if the jump itself wasn’t scary enough, the Red Bull team added to the drama by having Travis jump from a Pine Street Pier while landing on a purpose built barge in the middle of the water. Sounds okay in theory, but the run off for the landing was, well, just a bit too short as the footage shows.

You can see the jump in full below, along with numerous replays from varying angles. Also included is some footage of Pastrana’s practice attempts. Thankfully the final jump went better than the practice effort! For good measure Ken Block’s old record leap is also available.

Never before has it been more appropriate to say, take the jump, and watch the videos.

Travis Pastrana sets new world record car jump - 269 feet

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Wow, what an awesome jump! Redbull has done it again! But I think the engineers miscalculated it a bit judging by where he landed lol. Pastrana is such a adrenalin junkie, what will he do next? But I think this is nothing compared to his parachuteless jump off the plane…

Love the lack of braking once he lands, haha. Would have been good to see the look on his face when heading sideways for the fence at the end of the pontoon.

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