Magical museum tour

Porsche Museum

Doing the “German Car Museum Tour” is on the “to do” list of most petrol heads. In relatively close proximity you have Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. While, further north, in Wolfsburg is the superb Autostadt, Volkswagen’s celebration of itself and its multiple brands.

Stephen Williams from the New York Times is one guy lucky enough to have experienced this magical museum tour of late. He wasn’t able to fit in the Autostadt as well, but crossing the others off the list is a delight most would like to experience.

Here is a teaser of Williams’ findings, you can read his full article following the link below, “Devoting a day, give or take, to each museum and the accompanying attractions—usually a gift shop, bistro or cafe, and a delivery center for people who pick up their new toys at the factory—I came away with different impressions. ‘Cars are cars, all over the world,’ Paul Simon sang. But they’re not—and neither are car museums.”

[Source: New York Times]