2010 MINI Countryman – leaked photos

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MINI Countryman images leaked

Less than a day after MINI released a teaser video of their R60 Crossover model official-looking images have been leaked on the net. Kilometer magazine have posted up these three pics of the R60, which is understood to be badged as the Countryman.

At this size the pics don’t confirm all details, however you can just make out some “ALL4” badging just behind the front wheel arches, indicating the Contryman’s all-wheel drive system. The interior stack containing HVAC controls also appears to have undergone a much needed rework, although, it is difficult to tell from the angle shown. The interior shot gives a peak at a new handbrake lever design, as well.

The exterior colour, too, is new. The body colour looks to be a flat white paint, which has never been seen on a MINI before. There has been Pepper White and the lovely looking White Silver metallic of the Camden model, but never a plain old white—which looks great in these pics.

Overall the look of the 4×4 MINI has been well executed. There’s enough there to let you know it’s a MINI, with quite a few details transferring across from the Beachcomber Concept. However, there is also enough to set it apart from its midget cousins. So, a four-door MINI, hey, one thing is certain, this model will not be to everyone’s taste. But, if it allows that ALL4 malarkey to appear on some pure road-going models, then I’ll be all for it.

Presumably MINI will get on the offensive and release some more images prior to the car’s official launch at Geneva in March, if so, I’ll post ’em up as soon as I can.

[Source: MotoringFile via Kilometer magazine]

MINI Countryman images leaked

MINI Countryman images leaked