iMOTOR reviews new Golf R

iMOTOR reviews new Golf R

Following their review of the new Golf GTI last year, British e-mag iMOTOR is now showing off in the new Golf R. In a brief written review they claim “the Golf R is brilliant. In fact, it’s the most exciting production Volkswagen ever.”

Although, the kick in the guts for the Golf R in the UK market is its pricing. For £2000 less than the asking price of the R you can get an Audi S3. That’s over $3500 is Australian terms. Nothing has been confirmed for local pricing, but educated speculation sees the Golf R hitting showrooms with a sub $60K sticker price. This would be almost $5000 less than entry level S3 pricing. I guess we shall have to wait and see, suffice to say, pricing the Golf R higher than the equivalent Audi would be a fast way to intensify sibling rivalry in the Australian market.

Anyway, back to the iMOTOR gig, in their video footage they compare the Golf R to the Ford Focus RS. While it seems clear the RS is going to win in the raw thrills stakes it is the Volkswagen’s ability to, once again, be the better all-rounder that will be its greatest selling point. Shame the mini-test was held on snow covered tarmac, but it does give a very graphic comparison of the R’s 4motion all-wheel drive system.

So, what are you waiting for, click on the image above to load the iMOTOR review now.

For an alternate view, check out Autocar’s thoughts. They ran the Golf R against the Ford as well as the Renaultsport Megane 250. Again, they reckon the Golf R’s strength lies in its versatility. But they also had this to say, “the Ford and Renault are singing from an entirely different hymn sheet. They are designed to intentionally singe your fingers from time to time and be much more exciting company as a result.”