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BMW Z4 GT3 official images emerge


Some official images of the BMW Z4 GT3 racecar have emerged and it looks pretty damn impressive, don’t you think. Okay, in a road car sense it’s actually a bit naff with all those wings and diffusers at the back. But, in a purpose built track car sense, bring it on!

If you’re a real BMW anorak you will probably recall that BMW have said they would never fit a V8 engine to the current Z4. Well, they lied. To be fair, the Z4 GT3 will never see full series production, so raiding the parts bin to make a kick arse racing machine can be excused.

Anyway, that engine, yep, it’s pretty much the same 4.0 litre V8 found in the M3 GT2. That means power is around 485hp and peak torque should be nudging 500Nm. There’s also a race-toughened 6 speed sequential transmission to help move things along.

I get the feeling some very wealthy men around the world (and possibly women too) are going to get a little bit excited about driving this car. More details as they come to hand.

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