Oh no, not another one!

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BMW X3 M rendering

The success of the BMW X5 M and X6 M has already seen suggestions there will be an X4 M in the future. So, I guess it stands to reason, then, that an X3 M could also be on the cards.

Based on these renderings from BimmerBoost at least the X3 M has the potential, like the X5 M, to look half decent. If such over powered behemoths can be pretty, that is.

Further highlighting the lunacy of the SUV segment is the suggestion an X3 M could be as much as 540kg lighter than the X5/X6 variants. When you consider the likely engine source will be the six-pot turbo to be found in the soon-to-be-launched 1M Coupé, this baby beast should, as expected, move pretty quickly.

It will be little surprise if that’s exactly how they will move off the showroom floor, as well!

[Source: BimmerBoost]

BMW X3 M rendering