What’s it really like to drive an Audi RS2?

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Audi RS2

Here at AUSmotive HQ we’ve never hidden our love for the Audi RS2. Seeing the only RS2 in Australia for the first time back in 2008 sent me into raptures. The RS2 is part Audi, part Porsche, all bonkers. It set the scene not only for the über Audis which have since followed, but it also showed than wagons can be very, very cool.

So it was with some interest I read a recent drive report from US outlet European Car. The author also lusted after the RS2 back in the day. When he finally met his hero, how did it shape up?

Included here is a small teaser, follow the source link below for the full article:

“Almost 15 years later I’m driving the car Audi said it would never bring to North America. After 20 minutes of adrenalin-soaked insanity, I’m beginning to understand why.

“For a while I’m able to hold onto the reins. It kicks and snorts and does its best to throw me off but finally settles down. I can’t remember having such a satisfying drive, especially from a car that would love nothing more than stomp me to death.”

Sounds like fun to me!

[Source: European Car]