BMW continues 1M Coupé tease

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BMW 1M Coupé

BMW has continued its treacle slow release of details for the new 1 Series M Coupé with a new image from the Paris Motor Show. Revealed in the closed section of the website the new pic shows the lower corner of the rear valance. As is the norm, not a lot is given away, but it does show that the superb amateur renderings released a while back were not quite on the money.

A few people are also asking “where are the cooling fins for the M3 slippery diff”, which is expected to be fitted to the 1M Coupé. Just out of frame, or completely out of the picture?

UPDATE: A camouflaged prototype BMW, believed to be a 1M Coupé has been spotted in Munich. In true 1M fashion you can’t really see anything we don’t already know about!

[Source: 1addicts]