BMW compares the 1M Coupé against its rivals

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BMW 1M Coupe
Audi TT RSAudi RS3
Nissan 370ZPorsche Cayman S

According to a leaked BMW internal document these four cars are the models the 1 Series M Coupé has in its sights. A duo from Ingolstadt, Audi TT RS and RS3, a fighter from the land of the rising sun in the Nissan 370Z and, perhaps the toughest nut to crack, the Porsche Cayman S. What do you reckon, would you pick the 1M ahead of these?

The five page document, created for BMW’s Australian dealer network, reads much like a regular sales brochure at first, listing the details and specs of the 1M. A few pages in BMW provides brief comments about the three German rivals. On the last page a table of specs compares all five cars together.

Of the TT RS the document states, “Distinctive features of the Audi TT RS Coupé include a striking design and a fixed rear spoiler. However, despite providing a rear seat bench, this car is not a true four-seater.”

Using practicality to push the 1M ahead of the TT RS, the info then flip-flops to counter the RS3, “with its 250 kW five-cylinder engine, it offers exactly the same amount of power as the BMW 1 Series M Coupé. While also providing high everyday usability, it cannot match the BMW M model’s emotional appeal.”

Perhaps the better argument against the Audis, in particular the RS3, is given here, “Both Audi models benefit from good traction thanks to the all-wheel drive system, but also suffer from slightly top-heavy handling reflected in a tendency towards understeer. In the RS3 Sportback, Audi intends to compensate for this in an unusual manner, using wider tyres on the front wheels than on the rear wheels.”

It’s also interesting to note that BMW think both Audis come standard with a 7-speed S tronic double-clutch transmission.

“Both come with non-permanent quattro all-wheel drive and a dual-clutch transmission as standard, and their five-cylinder turbo engines combine high revving ability with very good fuel economy.”

While true that the RS3 is only available with an S tronic box, the TT RS is fitted with a 6-speed manual as standard. However, the S tronic is available as an option for the TT RS.

BMW 1M Coupe

Dynamically, at least, the Cayman S is probably the benchmark in this grouping, but, as you’d expect, BMW reckon they have it covered.

“The Porsche Cayman S, on the other hand, is marketed exclusively as a sports car, with its mid-engine concept, rear-wheel drive and precise steering providing the brand’s trademark handling as well as excellent driving dynamics. Accordingly, the chassis is geared towards a sporty driving experience, with less focus on comfort. Despite its lower weight, the Porsche with its 235 kW boxer engine cannot quite match the BMW 1 Series M Coupé in terms of acceleration.”

As well, the Cayman S “can only be enjoyed by two people.”

It’s actually quite an interesting look inside the world of internal marketing and seeing what information manufacturers prepare for their sales staff.

Generally speaking the counter arguments against each individual car stand to reason. However, if you cross-check them against each other you soon see the BMW points cancelling each other out. Is the 1M, with its four seats, practical, as they say against the Cayman S and TT RS? Or is it an emotional sports car, as against the practical RS3 hatchback?

So, the question BMW really wants answered here, then, is which one of these cars would you buy? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

BMW 1M Coupe v rivals