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Audi says: “No RS4 for you!”

Audi RS4

Here’s one story we had hoped we wouldn’t need to tell. Audi has no plans to build an immediate successor to its almighty RS4. AUSmotive heard this information several months ago, too, but we were hoping we were being led down the garden path. Despite earlier rumours to the contrary, it appears we weren’t.

Supposedly the 331kW RS5 is deemed to provide enough RS thrills on the current B8 platform (or derivative) of the current A4.

Assuming this latest word is correct, it need not mean the end of the RS4 nameplate forever. There have been two RS4 models created by quattro GmbH, one built on the B5 platform (2000–01), the other, and perhaps best of the RS models made to date, built on B7 architecture (2006–08). With any luck, we’ll see a B9 RS4 around 2014, give or take a year.

To remind you why RS4s are the business, even if the B5 wasn’t quite the real deal, you can access a couple of clips after the break.

[Source: Car and Driver]

Audi RS4 (B5)

(Embedding has been disabled on the second clip, click the picture above to see the Classic Top Gear review from Tiff Needell.)

5 replies on “Audi says: “No RS4 for you!””

Considering that the RS4 nearly knocked the E92 M3 off when it was released the RS5 is a bit of a dissapointment (read the lates wheels or any International review and the M3 comes out on top) considering Audi has had what, 5 years to create a better mouse trap. The next gen RS4 was possily my next car, oh well…….

RS4 Avant is the coolest car ever! Hopefully they just skip a generation and Audi makes another one on the B9 platform.

Hopefully everyone will start hating the B7 RS4 Avant so prices drop and I can afford a 2nd hand one.

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