Nowra racetrack revs up local council

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Two days ago the South Coast Register reported on possible plans for a new racetrack just outside Nowra. The discussion came about following a push from CAMS to support the development.

Cr Greg Watson reckons it’s a great idea, “This is a major industry that could bring an enormous amount of wealth to the area and jobs. These opportunities only come along every so often.”

Today, though, Cr John Fergusson has sent the idea off into the armco when he claimed, “Eastern Creek continues to be burning a hole in NSW taxpayers’ pockets despite being centrally located in western Sydney, with a huge population base to support it.

“It’s difficult to contemplate that a high-cost, high-maintenance and seldom used facility (in Nowra) would have any economic justification.”

Despite the duelling councillors a committee has been formed to further investigate the idea.

So, with the Marulan Driver Training Centre and Wakefield Park facilities already within a two-hour drive of Sydney, would a Nowra-based circuit really make sense? Has the closure of the iconic Oran Park created a demand for a new facility in NSW? Is Eastern Creek really the white elephant that Cr Fergusson suggests? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

[Source: South Coast Register | Thanks to Andrew for the tip]