Would you buy a road version of the MINI Countryman WRC?

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The car above is the MINI Countryman WRC. It looks awesome, don’t you think. Wouldn’t it be cool if MINI made a road-going version of that car, complete with modified body panels. And, it would be even more complete with a high power engine; something like 300hp (220kW). Would that be enough to convince you to hand over your cash?

A few months ago we heard a rumour that suggests a road version of the WRC weapon could be in the works. The info that came our way mentioned a 300hp widebody Countryman, we’ve joined the dots for the rest. We understand a concept version of this car could be on show later this year, at Frankfurt in September, we hope.

As to the validity of this rumour, well it might end up being pie in the sky, but our source has come up trumps for us before, so let’s wait and see.