Kubica continues to improve as co-driver hits out

Robert Kubica's crash wreckage

The latest statement from Lotus Renault GP informs us that Robert Kubica is continuing to do well in the days following his surgery. He’ll be in hospital for another two–three weeks and will undergo further operations later this week.

Meanwhile, Kubica’s co-driver Jakub Gerber has hit out at fellow competitors and called for changes to the safety of modern rally cars.

In an interview given outside the hospital where Kubica is recovering Gerber said, “I saw that Robert was squeezed against the barrier, and that’s why I stopped the other car. Then there was another problem, cars that should have stopped, just passed by us.”

Speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport Gerber gave an account of what happened, “After skidding, the car leaned against the guard rail and pushed it outwards. Then it crashed against the following guard rail.

“The guard rail pierced through the car and went all the way through it. I immediately saw it was serious, he also had a bad bruise under his eye after hitting the steering wheel. Robert passed out and I exited through the window because the door was stuck.

“The ambulance arrived immediately and then came the firemen. They took over half an hour to pull him out. The first crew didn’t have the shears so they had to wait for another crew. Then the helicopter couldn’t land in that spot, so Robert had to be moved and more time was lost.”

He went on to say the FIA should introduce new safety regulations to improve protection from frontal impact, “That opening [between the two sections of armco] makes no sense. But, most of all, we shouldn’t have cars with so little protection at the front. It’s not the first time a crash like this happens—the Federation should think of something to protect the cockpit.”

As well as the official statement from Lotus Renault GP you can watch an animation of the crash which has just been posted to YouTube.

[Source: autosport & FoxSports | Pics: AP]

Robert Kubica's crash wreckage


Today, Robert’s general condition has once again improved. According to the doctors, the levels of inflammation are in the norm considering his medical condition, and the recovery of his forearm remains encouraging.

Yesterday, Robert was able to talk to his doctors and relatives. His medication makes him sleep quite a lot, but he is responding to all external stimulation. He has reacted well to the news about his condition and is ready to fight for his comeback.

On Thursday, Robert should undergo some more surgery in order to stabilise the fractures to his right shoulder and right foot. Three or four days later, another operation will allow his elbow fracture to be stabilised as well.

Robert will remain at the Santa Corona Hospital for two to three weeks. A decision will then be taken about where he should go in order to continue his rehabilitation.