Autocar drive the Audi RS3

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2011 Audi RS3

Autocar has just filed its first drive report on the 250kW five-pot Audi RS3. It’s the TT RS for the family buyer, with four doors and reasonable boot space. However, it’s heavier than the TT RS and expected to be less lively.

Here’s a sample of what Autocar reviewer Mike Duff had to say:

“Dynamically the net result is a car that always delivers empirically, but only sometimes emotionally. Let’s start by saying that—out of the box—the RS3 is going to be one of the quickest cars you’ll fire at any chosen backroad.

“But yes, there’s a but—the steering still lacks much in the way of ultimate communication, faithfully conveying inputs, but under hard loadings offering a strangely synthesized feedback in return. On the plus side, it feels both lighter on its feet and more agile than its TT-RS cousin—and it’s also seven grand cheaper.”

More agile than the TT RS? Well, that is a good sign, even if Duff reckons the RS3 lacks emotional appeal. Audi UK has already sold its allocation of 500 cars, as well. Which, sadly, is 500 more cars than we’ll be seeing in Australia.

We enjoyed our test of the TT RS very much, so lament the fact we won’t get the opportunity to drive the RS3 on local soil.

Make sure you follow the link below and read the full review.

[Source: Autocar]