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2011 Formula One calendar

2011 Australian Grand Prix

First filed 20 February.

A couple of weeks ago the FIA released an updated calendar for the 2011 Formula One season incorporating starting times for each race. You can check out the full list after the break.

Obviously, doubts remain over the running of the Bahrain Grand Prix; could Melbourne see the opening race of 2011? [Ed: Yes it will.]

UPDATE 20 March: A revised calendar has been added below, which includes the starting times for all races converted to Australian Eastern time.

UPDATE 4 June: Following the decision to reinstate the Bahrain Grand Prix, an updated calendar can be read HERE.

[Pic: Red Bull Racing/Getty Images]

2011 F1 calendar

2011 F1 calendar

11 replies on “2011 Formula One calendar”

If Bahrain doesn’t happen, can they make it a test weekend instead? Another month (plus 1 week) is a long time to wait for the season start!

If its too dangerous to race, it’ll be too dangerous for testing. They may just postpone it, although not sure if thats viable or not, considering teams have to book in advance for accommodation and general logistics stuff. But its not out of the question, re logistics, remember the Volcano issue, they rustled up some planes pretty quick to get the cars/teams out of China.

Not to denegrate the great work of Ausmotive, but what good is a listing of local starting times to anyone who reads this ? 😛 (and you’ll save Wayne having to post asking what time it starts every race haha)

As for Bahrain, check out who’s the majority share holder of Mclaren is, and who Bernie said will be making a decision on if it will go ahead.. OMG ITS THE SAME GUY! teehee

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