BMW Australia hopes to double 1M allocation

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BMW 1M Coupe

First filed 9 June.

Car Advice brings some ripping news for fans of the BMW 1M Coupé. Like most markets, BMW Australia has been receiving high demand for the 1M and they have been working hard to secure more cars from the fatherland.

Piers Scott, BMW Australia representative told Car Advice, “BMW in Munich has been under constant pressure since we announced the car for the Australian market, and we’re confident that we’ll be able to offer more cars to our dealers, but we just need the green light from head office.”

While a final number has not been agreed, it’s hoped the new allocation could see as many as 200 1M Coupé find their way to Australia.

An official number wasn’t given when BMW Australia confirmed pricing for the $99,900 1M, but they did say it would be limited to “around 100 units”. Word on the street says those 100 cars have already been snapped up, so a potential doubling of the allocation is great news for those who may be on a waiting list hoping for cancelled orders.

[Source: Car Advice]