Get ready for an Audi Q3 S v BMW X1 M rumble

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Audi Q3

German publication Auto Motor und Sport is telling the world Audi has signed off on an ‘S’ version of its small Q3 SUV. But instead of being powered by a 2.0 litre turbo like the S3, they reckon the Q3 S will get the 2.5 litre five cylinder TT RS engine. Although, it is expected to lose around 40PS from the RS spec, with peak power down to 300PS for the hot Q3.

With expectations already that BMW will stick an ‘M’ badge on the X1 we will have a nice little fight on our hands to see who’s SUV has the biggest, ahem. It’s been suggested the X1 M will steal the 1M engine and manage to lose some power in the process; 320PS is the number being spoken.

So, what do we think out there in the real world, isolated from slick marketing presentations; ‘S’ and ‘M’ badges on entry level SUVs. Too far?

[Source: Auto Motor und Sport & World Car Fans]