Top Gear Series 18 to rebrand the ‘cute little man’

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Richard Hammond, Top Gear

British tabloid paper Daily Star is reporting that Top Gear host Richard Hammond wants to reshape his TV persona. It’s understood the 41-year-old is not happy to be simply known as “the cute little man who had a crash” and wants the show’s producers to take him in a new direction when Season 18 returns (on 29 January 2012).

Front man Jeremy Clarkson is well known for his forthright and often grumpy views. While James May aka ‘Captain Slow’ embraces his careful and fastidious identity.

Supposedly ‘The Hamster’ is feeling left behind his two colleagues and says it’s not fair. It’s been reported he has taken his complaints to the BBC’s top brass demanding action. So, when the next season of Top Gear airs on BBC2 later this year we can expect to see a more defined role for Hammond.

We think he’s having a bit of a whinge, just quietly and figure there’d be plenty of people willing to take his place on the iconic motoring show. Perhaps he’ll become known as the ‘whiney little man who had a crash’ instead.

[Source: Daily Star | Pic:]