BMW M3 with not one, not two, but three turbos

F30 BMW M3

This is a prototype model of the next BMW M3. While the test mule is a four-door sedan it’s understood the next M3 will be offered initially a traditional two-door coupé layout only. Slow sales of the current M3 sedan have made BMW think twice about repeating the experiment. It’s not been scrapped officially as best we can tell, but perhaps the next time we see four doors on an M3 it might be a fancy ‘coupé’ body style.

However, it’s so early in the development cycle that BMW doesn’t even have an F32 coupé mule to test with. Part of the reason for starting to push the M3 prematurely is the fact it looks likely it will be powered by a tri-turbo engine. That’s right, three turbochargers. Starting to look a bit like men’s razors where marketing teams add more and more blades by the day.

The base engine will be the familiar N5x 3.0 litre six cylinder twin-turbo, but in this more extreme state of tune, with the third turbo to be electrically powered, power numbers as high as 335kW (450hp) are being touted. That’s an impressive 85kW (115hp) increase on the numbers produced by the awesome 1M.

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I guess the electric turbo will act like a misfiring system, in order the others mechanical turbos keep their speed when you stop to accelerate or break ?

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