Volkswagen Bulli to increase ‘heritage appeal’

Volkswagen Bulli

Plans for Volkswagen to put its five-seat Bulli concept into production are gathering momentum, according to Autocar. Rather than just using electric power, as per the concept shown at Geneva earlier this year, VW wants to sell the Bulli with conventionally powered engines as well.

Pictures can be a little deceiving as the Bulli is only marginally larger than a Polo. However, with retro-inspired MPV-like styling Volkswagen reckon the Bulli would be a sales hit, especially in the US.

“As a designer, I am convinced by this idea,” says Walter de’Silva, Head of Volkswagen Group Design. “We don’t have a space for another conventional MPV, but this one would be desirable on a different level, combining practicality with the heritage appeal.”

VW believe its history and heritage value give it a unique selling point against increasing competition from Korea and China.

[Source: Autocar]