2012 Porsche 911 revealed in leaked images

2012 Porsche 911

BREAKING: A series of seven images revealing the all-new 991 Porsche 911 Carrera have been leaked. You can see more after the break.

Official information from Porsche was originally expected on 24 August, but we suspect we might see something meaningful from Stuttgart sooner, rather than later.

The entry level Carrera model now features a 3.4l flat-six, down from 3.6l. The engine is bespoke to the 911, however, and not simply lifted from the Cayman. It should be good for around 260kW (350hp). The Carrera S (pictured above) will keep its 3.8l capacity from the previous model with peak power at 300kW (400hp).

In a first for any sportscar we can think of the 911 will be offered with a 7-speed manual gearbox. An optional double-clutch ‘PDK’ transmission will also be available. Both gearboxes will have a launch control feature; yep, even the manual.

It’s no surprise the 991 911 is an evolution of previous generations. Despite its extended wheelbase (approx 100mm) to allow for more optimum engine placement, the 911 still maintains its traditional rear overhang. Inside the look has been very inspired by the Panamera and it does have a more upmarket feel. The front LEDs are perhaps the only controversial styling element on the new 911. Overall, we reckon it looks pretty good.

We’ll have more as soon it comes to hand.

[Thanks to Wayne for the tip]

UPDATE: All seven pics have now been replaced with higher res files. Click on the images to load at 2000px super sizing.

2012 Porsche 911

2012 Porsche 911

2012 Porsche 911

2012 Porsche 911

2012 Porsche 911

2012 Porsche 911

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Lima, any chance of doing a side by side comparison against the 997.2? I suspect the old car may look a bit tall and dated.

Another evolutionary step for the iconic 911. Carrera 2 Manual for me please.
Oh and Chevrolet put what they called a 7 speed manual in Corvettes back in the late 80’s but that was more of a 4 speed + 3 overdrives.

Oh no leaked photos of the new 911… cause no one knew what it was going to look like. Wait that sort of looks exactly like the last one – and the one before that. Well done Porche well done

I like it, it’s a nice evolution. Sleek profile and the 918 inspired rear end looks great. However, the double badges don’t work for me (one or the other would be perfect) and the lower front grille looks like it’s from another car.

Yeah I agree, a nice evolution and I really like the profile and the ‘hips’. The rear lights are great and look like they’ve been taken from the back of an Aston and squished, but they really give the car a wide, agressive stance. And yes, too many badges on the back.

those DRLs look poorly integrated. i love the rear but that flat edge that runs above the lights looks like a mistake. did i mention the headlights look too big???

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