Manish Pandey talks about Senna DVD release

Senna: The movie

Manish Pandey the film maker behind the Senna documentary has spoken about the extra material included on the DVD release of the film.

Speaking to James Allen he said, “We’ve added in many of the interviews we filmed, we show them as extended talking heads; there is a lot of Alain Prost, Ron Dennis, a lot of the key journalists. What we are able to do is be more forensic about some of the events that took place.

“Another key feature is the whole of Gerry Donaldson’s interview with Ayrton from 1989, when he was quite down, which culminates in his speech about Monaco 1988, which takes in his spirituality, and his philosophy as a driver.”

Senna is due for DVD release in the UK on 10 October. If you’re keen to get your hands on a copy now check eBay where there seem to be plenty of options available.

[Source: JAF1]