Porsche 991 911 to run until 2025

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Porsche 991 911 cabriolet

Last week Car had heaps of Porsche information and one thing to grabbed our attention was the claim the new 991 911 will run for two seven-year model cycles. That will take the basic chassis structure, launched at Frankfurt last month, up until 2025.

With the added support of Volkswagen the pace of model development is increasing at Stuttgart. After the break there’s a summary of what’s in store for the 911 range.

911 Cabriolet (pictured): Soft-top like roof to consist of semi-rigid lightweight panels. It will be the next 911 variant to be launched.

911 Carrera 4: All wheel drive version due for launch in December this year, with Carrera 4 (257kW 3.4 litre) and Carrera 4S (294kW 3.8 litre).

911 Turbo: The all-paw high-powered 911 coupé will be on sale in 2013 with the cabrio version to follow. Expect 520hp (387kW) from its 3.8 litre flat six.

911 GT3: Also due in 2013, this is expected to be the last normally aspirated GT3, before a turbo version arrives in 2015.

911 Targa: Coming in 2013/2014 it’s understood the roof will revert back to a more traditional arrangement with a removeable top and prominent roll hoop in silver or satin black.

911 Speedster: Yet to be confirmed, this model would likely be based on the cabriolet. Changes may include a more steeply raked front screen and a more traditional soft-top roof. The Speedster could be offered in a look-at-me cruiser model and focused boy-racer option.

911 Hybrid: It’s not clear when, but it is definitely expected Porsche will filter its GT3 R Hybrid tech into the iconic 911 road car; offering a conventional plug-in hybrid option. Expected fuel and emissions savings would be greater than 10%.

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