Third-gen Audi A3 interior spied

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Audi A3 interior

Here’s a sneak peek inside the next-generation Audi A3. Surprisingly there’s a hint of A1 there with its vents and radio controls. The ever important cupholders are an improvement over the current 8P series as well.

Moving down the centre console it looks like the new A3 will feature a start button (not so well placed for RHD) and a large iDrive-like control knob for the pop-up screen at the top of the dash.

These pics seem to match the official looking sketches that emerged in April. While those sketches may have hit a home run, it seems nobody is clear when the next A3 will launch. Previous wisdom suggested it would be some time next year; reports now indicate it may be pushed back until 2013.

Mind, given how finished the interior seems to be, we won’t be surprised at all to see Audi launch the next A3 in 2012.

[Source: Motor Authority]

Audi A3 interior