Is the Toyota 86 really as good as a Cayman?

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Toyota 86

Now that the Toyota 86 (we’re supposed to say eight-six apparently) has been revealed fans of the car will be more desperate to know what it is like to drive. Thanks to an early review from the seat of a pre-production 86 by UK mag Autocar we can bring you this taster:

“…the key facets of an 1180kg kerb weight, rear-wheel drive, ESP that can be fully turned off, quick steering and a limited-slip differential make it a riot in the twisty stuff.”

“…at its best, the driving experience is a match for the likes of a Porsche Cayman, and accolades don’t come much higher than that. That it can’t reach those heights across as broad a range of conditions as the German-built car shouldn’t detract from its overall success, because the fact that it can even get close is a minor miracle.”

That’s some high praise there, that Toyota and fans alike will be rapt to hear. There were some minor gripes over the car’s transmission and the test was carried out on ultra smooth roads, so a more precise understanding of the 86’s ride was unable to be gained. Follow the source link below for more.

[Source: Autocar]